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Annual General Meeting

We will have our first AGM on 3rd of March 2018 at Bangi Golf Resort, Selangor. Invitation emails have been sent out to all AEROS members and kindly let us know if you didn't receive yours. See you guys there!

Junior Aerospace Scientist Workshop

The 2nd edition of the workshop will be conducted on 10th of March, 2018. For this edition, AEROS is a joint-organizer with the Department of Aerospace Engineering, UPM and it is supported by Mercy Mission Malaysia through their Play-and-Pray initiative. The workshop will be conducted in UPM for children 10-12 years old, with only 50 places available. Sign up your kid now!

International Conference on Aeronautics, Astronautics and Aviation

The society is a proud supporter for ICAAA, which will be organized in Chennai, India on March 23rd and 24th, 2018. AEROS members who wish to submit papers to this conference can email them to fairuz_ir@upm.edu.my. A USD50 discount for AEROS members is available if there are at least 10 submitted papers from AEROS.

Message from the Chairman

Aerospace engineering, which covers both aeronautical and astronautical fields, has always been the driving force for new development of technologies that are highly beneficial to humanity. From handheld calculators to non-stick pans, these are some examples of technologies that are initially developed to assist in space flight and have ultimately made their ways to improve the quality our daily life. It is therefore apt to say that aerospace engineering field goes beyond the scope of just developing aircraft and spacecraft, but it is also inspiring better ways for us to live our life on this planet. This makes aerospace engineering in a class of its own.

In Malaysia, the aerospace industry has shown tremendous progress since the government came out with the first National Aerospace Blueprint (NAB) nearly 20 years ago. Today, evidences of this growth include the Malaysia International Aerospace Centre (MIAC) that houses over 150 local and international aerospace businesses, and the surge of investments from some of the world's largest multinational companies looking to establish and expand their operations across a growing network of local aerospace facilities. The Malaysia's Economic Transformation Plan further estimates that the local aerospace industry will be worth USD1 trillion by the year 2020.

A great element to ensure the accomplishment of the country's ambitions and goals for aerospace industry, as outlined in the latest national aerospace blueprint that will run up to year 2030, is the solid partnership between academia and industry. This is where AEROS Malaysia Society comes in, which is to provide a platform for collaboration between the two parties in developing and advancing new aerospace technologies. The society is also an avenue of opportunities for the professionals to further hone their skills and/or share their experiences to better up the quality of local aerospace workforce. In addition, the society plays a prominent role to inspire and encourage the interest and appreciation of aerospace knowledge and research among students, academicians and the general public as a whole.

It is our big optimism that the establishment of AEROS Malaysia Society will benefit the country in its aspiration to become a major player in the world's aerospace industry and contribute towards the advancement of knowledge in aerospace studies. I sincerely welcome you to join us in this journey and together, we can make our strides toward greater heights.

Our Vision

To become the primary platform for collaboration and enhancement of the aerospace field between academia and industry in Malaysia

Our Mission

To cultivate the advancement of aerospace knowledge and research in Malaysia

Our Goals

  • To organise activities related to aerospace fields such as research, paper presentation, consultation, education and competition
  • To provide a platform for raising professionalism standards among members
  • To cooperate with government and its agencies in implementating national policies involving the fields in this profession
  • To maintain general welfare of members
  • To produce and disseminate information on current issues relating to aerospace
  • To Increase public awareness in the aerospace-related fieldscome the primary platform for collaboration and enhancement of the aerospace field between academia and industry in Malaysia
  • Main Council Members 2017-2018


    Dr. Fairuz Izzuddin Romli

    Vice Chairman 1

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azmin Shakrine Mohd Rafie

    Vice Chairman 2

    Dr. Dayang Laila Abang Abdul Majid


    Dr. Ermira Junita Abdullah

    Deputy Secretary

    Dr. Mohd Faisal Abdul Hamid


    Dr. Mohammad Yazdi Harmin

    Are you ready to be part of our team?

    Member Benefits and Opportunities
  • Network with other members at society's events
  • Exchange knowledge with other members in your field at society's conferences and workshops
  • Partake as facilitator or participant in training workshops organized by the society
  • Volunteer at society's events as organizing committee
  • Contribute expertise at educational programs in the community and schools or for industrial consultation
  • Types of Membership

    Professional Member

    Malaysians of age 21 and above with recognized qualifications or work experiences in aerospace-related fields

  • Fees: RM50 (One-Time Processing Fee) + RM100 (Annual Membership Fee)

    Professional Associate Member

    Non-Malaysians living in Malaysia of age 21 and above with recognized qualifications or work experiences in aerospace-related fields

  • Fees: RM50 (One-Time Processing Fee) + RM100 (Annual Membership Fee)

    Student Member

    Malaysians and non-Malaysians of age 18 and above, who are currently studying in recognized higher education programme in aerospace-related fields in Malaysia

  • Fees: RM50 (One-Time Processing Fee) + RM30 (Annual Membership Fee)

    Download Membership Brochure

    Download Membership Form

    Our Flagship Programs

    The society has organized several activities that are becoming our flagship programs. These programs are organized either annually or bienially.

    Junior Aerospace Scientist Workshop

    AEROS Conference

    Professional Services

    The society also offers professional services to both the academia and the industry, which include conducting technical workshops, organizing aerospace-related activities or providing expertises for solving aerospace-related problems. Some of our conducted services are as follow.

    Bengkel Yazdi


    Organized Events

    Apart from our flagship programs and hired services, the society also organizes or co-organizes several programs to promote the aerospace knowledge for the public and to encourage collaboration between the academia and the industry. Some of these events are as follow.

    Datuk Mazlan talk


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